• Charity Campaigns

    Autohop.bg - auto classifieds and auto news

    Auto classifieds, news and useful info all on one place.

    Autohop.bg has placed itself as a auto portal site for classifieds and auto news and reviews. In the site could be found over:

    • 23,290 auto classifieds
    • 205 auto dealers
    • 6,837 services, companies and classifieds

  • Charity Campaigns

    Безплатно.net - free classifieds, offers and more...

    The most popular classifieds site in Bulgaria

    The users could publish an unlimited number of FREE classified listings and company pages. In Bezplatno.net can be found over:

    • 185,880 classifieds
    • 44,899 companies in our company catalog
    • 32,327 new classifieds monthly

  • I Help Haiti Too

    I Help Haiti Too

    A charity campaign of BCAF

    IcePique has given full support to the “Bulgarian Charities Aid Foundation” (BCAF) in its campaign “I help Haiti too” that is endorsed by international foundations and organizations. The campaign will last for 6 months, during which IcePique will be displaying its banner in the amount of 300 000 impressions monthly and thus will be raising the awareness for the campaign.

  • Charity Campaigns

    Why to advertise on our sites?

    5 reasons that will convince you

    • You receive custom-tailored advice
    • We consult you for setting up the most effective campaign
    • We check on the progress of the campaign
    • We value our clients and work with them in the long term
    • You get up to 20% BONUS impressions on your first campaign

Bulk Inventory

Parameters of a campaign in Bulk inventory

Bulk Inventory

The Bulk campaign is deployed without the ability to control the frequency of the campaign impressions distribution. In addition, the campaign doesn't allow for the exact selection of the advertisement spots in a specific site of the network. The campaign's impressions are distributed in bulk throughout the different sites of the network.

This type of campaign is designed for advertisers on a low-budget whose products or services don not require Premium advertising. That is why presetting the parameters of these campaigns is limited. The campaign is delivered without any priority after Premium and Bulk Inventory and its period cannot be set. The minimum amount for a Bulk campaign is 350 BGN and the CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) is 25% lower than the price of the Premium campaigns.

Bulk Inventory - Autohop.bg
Ad Spot Size Price Preview
Ad Spot “Bottom” 728x90 3.00 leva preview
Ad Spot “Gallery” 728x90 4.00 leva preview

Bulk Inventory - Bezplatno.net
Ad Spot Size Price Preview
Ad Spot “Middle” 728x90 5.00 leva preview
Ad Spot “Bottom” 728x90 5.00 leva preview
Ad Spot “Gallery” 728x90 5.00 leva preview

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