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    Autohop.bg - auto classifieds and auto news

    Auto classifieds, news and useful info all on one place.

    Autohop.bg has placed itself as a auto portal site for classifieds and auto news and reviews. In the site could be found over:

    • 23,290 auto classifieds
    • 205 auto dealers
    • 6,837 services, companies and classifieds

  • Charity Campaigns

    Безплатно.net - free classifieds, offers and more...

    The most popular classifieds site in Bulgaria

    The users could publish an unlimited number of FREE classified listings and company pages. In Bezplatno.net can be found over:

    • 185,880 classifieds
    • 44,899 companies in our company catalog
    • 32,327 new classifieds monthly

  • I Help Haiti Too

    I Help Haiti Too

    A charity campaign of BCAF

    IcePique has given full support to the “Bulgarian Charities Aid Foundation” (BCAF) in its campaign “I help Haiti too” that is endorsed by international foundations and organizations. The campaign will last for 6 months, during which IcePique will be displaying its banner in the amount of 300 000 impressions monthly and thus will be raising the awareness for the campaign.

  • Charity Campaigns

    Why to advertise on our sites?

    5 reasons that will convince you

    • You receive custom-tailored advice
    • We consult you for setting up the most effective campaign
    • We check on the progress of the campaign
    • We value our clients and work with them in the long term
    • You get up to 20% BONUS impressions on your first campaign

About The Company

...a tiny company throughout the time

Icepique present in the Bulgarian Internet market for a very short time but it has successfully managed to make its project popular to the Bulgarian users and companies.

Icepique GrowthThe company is founded in 2007 in Sofia, Bulgaria. In the very beginning, the company starts offering web design services and company identity solutions. Subsequently, Icepique concentrates its efforts in the development and management of its own projects. The company focuses in development of projects which are content-based and which are supported by a community of users who constantly generate and regenerate its content. The site's scope is very general and serves the everyday needs of the users.

In the next two years the Internet usage in Bulgaria starts growing very rapidly. The need for sites, where the users can easily search and offer products and services becomes an important part of the local Internet market. In late 2007, the auto classifieds is at its highest point and users and dealers are in need of a marketplace which allows for extended search and post functionality which the auto classifieds sites at that time do not offer effectively. Autohop.bg is released to fill that gap. Its idea is to offer auto classifieds, auto news and extensive information for the needs of the auto fans in Bulgaria. In 2008 Autohop.bg wins first place in one of the most prestigeous web competitions in Bulgaria - BG Site 2008.

BG Site 2008In early 2008 Icepique extends its auto classifieds site with a more general classifieds project in the name of Bezplatno.net - the ultimate classifieds site. The site is easy to use and functional and its popularity grows very rapidly too. The site is used both by private users and companies. Its popularity is additionally driven by the good level of SEO optimization which allows for the classifieds to appear in higher places in the search results of Google, Yahoo and other search engines.

In early 2009 the users and companies in Bezplatno.net are differentiated in two separate sections with the addition of a company catalog to the classifieds site. The catalog becomes very popular with over 40 thousand active companies in just a few months. Icepique wins another award in the BG Site competition that year with Bezplatno.net. It wins first place in the 10-anniversary edition of the competition.

Icepique's mission is to reach everyone in the Bulgarian market through the establishment of an interactive digital network of sites which offer the users the tools to serve their every need - autos, homes, jobs, holidays, entertainment, classifieds, and more...

We would like to thank all of our loyal users for contributing to our projects and making them as popular as they are today.

Thank YOU! We wouldn't have done it without you!


...what our clients say about us

"Интернет се обособява като градският площад на утрешното глобално село."

Бил Гейтс – Майкрософт

"The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow."

Bill Gates – Microsoft

"Интернет е най-голямата световна библиотека. Само че всички книги са на змята."

Джон Алън Паулос

"The Internet is the world's largest library. It's just that all the books are on the floor."

John Allen Paulos

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